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If you've landed here, chances are you've readied yourself to read a full pager, and that's so kind of you. I'll try to keep it short, because every moment in life counts, and I appreciate you taking the time to spend these next few minutes reading about me. Let's get started, shall we?  

all about me.

I was born in Beirut, Lebanon, and at the age of 4, we moved to Cyrpus where I spent most of my childhood. Growing up on an island taught me to find all the peace I need - to this day - by the sea, and appreciate a slower pace in life, taking in every moment. Back in Lebanon in my teenage years, I discovered an early love for storytelling and particularly, the power it has to break biases and inspire societal change. Beirut is such an inspiring city; she tells you stories on every corner, every street, every building, every bar, every little grocery shop and every parking lot. 

Naturally, when the time came to pick a university major, I wanted to study filmmaking. My parents wouldn't have it, and I started my first year at The American University of Beirut as a business major. Midway through the first term, every cell in my body knew I was wasting my time and that I would eventually be a filmmaker, because my purpose in life was to tell stories that moved people.


So, I mischievously went and wrote an open letter to IESAV (one of the top film schools in Beirut) behind my parents' backs and asked if I could enroll myself mid November, which I knew was a long shot, but I still had to try. To my wonderful surprise, they responded very enthusiastically to my letter on a Friday, and on Monday, I was a film student at IESAV. Oh, what a dream that was! Best 5 years of my life. Of course, my dad didn't speak to me for months after that, but he eventually caved and, when my student short film won 'Best Short Film' at the European Film Festival, he was crying in the audience, and since then, calls me 'Spielberg' to all his friends (totally cute, but a little embarrassing).


Now, my career path has been quite an eclectic one. This is where I'll speed it up for you: from the age of 18 to 24, I went on as many film sets as I could - ads, documentaries, fiction, music videos - doing everything I possibly could, from organizing cables for the lighting team, to handling continuity, to 2nd AD, 1st AD, production coordinator, production assistant, wardrobe stylist, props master, gaffer, 2nd assistant camera, and even sound engineer. I wanted to learn EVERYTHING that went into making a film because, if I was going to be a film director one day, I wanted to know how it all worked. I also spent time in post production studios, learning editing and sound design. 

As a freelancer in those years, I got the chance to write and direct my own personal projects, as well; a couple of short films and documentaries which won international acclaim and awards. 

At 24, I joined Leo Burnett Dubai, as a TV producer, to learn what it was like, agency side. 2 years later, I went into reality TV with MBC, then I joined Cobone, and then Yahoo as branded content manager, after which I opened my own content production house, Funhouse Productions. Finally, in 2019, I was hired by Havas as their head of content, leading the creative of all their in-house productions. 2 years later, I was offered the role of creative director, and I got the privilege to work with amazing brands and clients, judge Cannes and D&AD's, speak at conferences and win awards for some wonderful campaigns we worked on.   


the itch.

While my years as a creative director were a highlight in my career, I never could get rid of the itch of directing films, and every chance I got at the agency, I directed our films. Eventually, the itch caught up with me, and I resigned from my post to pursue my first love: making films. So, here we are today; I am now committed to film directing (commercials, documentaries, narrative films, music videos, series, short and long form content). I would love the opportunity to tell your story. If nothing at all, I guarantee you an amazing time on set, and true, genuine storytelling that I pour all my knowledge, expertise, my heart and my soul into.


Now...Let's make magic together.


+971 50 3456 256



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