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Live Fresh

Barakat, the UAE fresh juice brand, asked for a brand film that would embody the newly injected youthfulness in the brand and communicate:

  • their ethos 'Nourishing the nation's ambitions'

  • the freshness of their products

  • their pride in the UAE (being a proud local brand for over 40 years).

The ask was to articulate all those messages in one brand film and their main challenge was that the brand didn't seem to appeal to the youth, having established itself as being 'as old as the UAE'.

So, I decided their brand film would come to life as an ensemble cast manifesto. A cast of local and expat Gen-Z's, all non actors, all non models, but rahter, real Gen-Z's who would deliver the lines with the utmost credibility and authenticity.


I wrote, directed and edited the film.

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