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'I'm Possible' Court

OOH - Dubai, UAE

To bring to Dubai adidas's 'I'm Possible' global campaign for women inclusion in sports, we wanted to create an awe inspiring piece for the world - not just the region - to see. Inspired by the local insight that women don't belong in sports, we wanted to challenge the long standing bias in a spot that is unignorable. Something that - quite literally - shouts our message from the rooftops.

So we partnered with Asma Al Badawi, an icon in the world of Basketball for Arab and muslim women all over, and erected

a glow-in-the-dark basketball court atop The Palm Tower (the tallest building on the world renowned Palm Jumeirah).

Doing this had both a literal and a figurative significance. We gave Arab women a stage, we made them glow and we cemented their place in sports.

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