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'I'm Possible' Billboards

Social OOH - Dubai, UAE

Up until quite recently, people were used to sports ads that were elitist, focused on excellence and heroing only athletes. With adidas, we are actively making the brand more inclusive, inspiring everyone to find their inner athlete.

Women and sports do not mix in the larger part of the Arab world. Being a female - and an Arab female no less - I felt a more-than-usual personal investment in this project. So i fought strongly to get this initiative green lit, as I believed in the importance of this message and its strong impact on future generations.


By making real women the heroes of our brand, on huge billboards on Sheikh Zayed Road (the largest highway in the UAE), we're closing the gender gap in sports and saying loud and clear: Women belong in sports. All women. All sizes, shapes, skin color

and age group.

Watch my talk on creativity at the WOOH Mena Forum

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